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HCM Journey Stage 3: "Do It"

This is a continuation of our four-part Human Capital Management (HCM) blog series addressing the different stages of the HCM journey. If you haven’t please go back and read our Stage 2: "Plan It" article for some helpful information! 

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Wellmont and Spencer Thomas Team Up to Present at Epic’s User Group Meeting Conference

By Pamela Kelley, Business Intelligence Specialist and Spencer Thomas Group Consultant

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7 Tips for a Successful Payroll Year End

The crisp air and changing foliage reminds us all that fall is here. Time for carving pumpkins, hot cider, apple picking and Payroll Year-End...Yes, It’s time to prepare for Payroll Year-End. October is time for many activities, including getting ready for the rest of next year. Don’t leave it until the last minute, now is the perfect time to prepare.

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Global Employment Outsourcing: A Compelling Human Capital Management Option

We pride ourselves on sharing informative and engaging content each month that revolves in some way around the variety of practice lines and consulting services we offer here at Spencer Thomas Group.  Usually that content comes from inside our own walls through our consultants, project managers and practice leaders.  That doesn’t mean we don’t spend a lot of time reading up on what folks outside of STG are writing and when we come across content that we would have liked to write, but found someone else that beat us to it and did a great job we want to share!  Here you have an example of that from Eric Snethkamp who is a Global Channels and Strategic Alliances Manager with Safeguard World International.  Thank you Eric for sharing your insights on this very interesting topic.  We may have made a tweak here and there, but the article you are about to read is his and one worth sharing.

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HCM Journey Stage 2: "Plan It"

 This is a continuation of our four-part Human Capital Management (HCM) blog series addressing the different stages of the HCM journey.

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HCM Journey Stage 1: "Pick It"

You know you need to simplify the way your company works, and the relationship with your employees, in order to stay competitive. You know you need to have the tools and processes to allow you to make the best decisions with the right information, at the right time, and have your entire structure ready for any changes necessary.

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Project Management: The Importance of Soft Skills Part 1

By Marc Backer This is the first of a 3-part Project Management series dealing with key activities that project managers deal with every day but approaches these activities from a different angle – the human side or soft skills. The science and methodology behind Project Management is well defined and yet complex projects remain problematic. This series addresses how soft Project Management skills can be the key to success.

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eSocial: Ready or Not, Here It Comes!

"I'm tired of knowing that I need to prepare for eSocial, but I’ve done nothing! Now what?" That sentence is often heard among HR managers and related areas in Brazil-based companies. According to Folha de Sao Paulo, one of the main news outlet in the country, almost half the companies that will have to comply with eSocial have not prepared themselves for the new system being implemented in early 2018*. With such an important change, why haven’t they?

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