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The STG HCM Journey Stage 1: "Pick It"

You know you need to simplify the way your company works, and the relationship with your employees, in order to stay competitive. You know you need to have the tools and processes to allow you to make the best decisions with the right information, at the right time, and have your entire structure ready for any changes necessary.

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Project Management: The Importance of Soft Skills - Part 1

By Marc Backer This is the first of a 3-part Project Management series dealing with key activities that project managers deal with every day but approaches these activities from a different angle – the human side or soft skills. The science and methodology behind Project Management is well defined and yet complex projects remain problematic. This series addresses how soft Project Management skills can be the key to success.

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eSocial: Ready or Not, Here It Comes!

"I'm tired of knowing that I need to prepare for eSocial, but I’ve done nothing! Now what?" That sentence is often heard among HR managers and related areas in Brazil-based companies. According to Folha de Sao Paulo, one of the main news outlet in the country, almost half the companies that will have to comply with eSocial have not prepared themselves for the new system being implemented in early 2018*. With such an important change, why haven’t they?

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The HCM Journey - Transformation Made Simple

Where are you on your Human Capital Management (HCM) journey? How many organizations have ever asked themselves this question? And most importantly, who should be asking that question? Is it procurement, CFO, CIO, Head of HR?  Maybe it’s an employee or their manager. The answer is everyone’s favorite multiple choice “All of the above!”

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Data Protection – How Secure is Your Data?

By Kevin Parker, Management Consultant - EMEA, Spencer Thomas Group In this series of articles, we will evaluate the basics of data protection for HR and Payroll functions related to you and your employees’ personal data.

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The Spencer Thomas Group AdVantage

For years now, Spencer Thomas Group (STG) has had the pleasure of attending ADP’s annual conference, Meeting of the Minds(MOTM). In March, several members of the STG team traveled coast-to-coast from our HQ’s in snowy Portsmouth, NH to warm and sunny San Diego, CA for MOTM 2017.

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What To Do About Your Aging Legacy Payroll System

Let’s face it, payroll systems are not exciting. Those of us in the industry might get excited about the next new technology or legislative change, but at the end of the day payroll systems are intended to do just one thing - make sure your employees get paid on time and accurately.

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