Doing Business with a Certified Woman-Owned Small Business

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Doing Business with a Certified Woman-Owned Small Business

Doing Business with a Certified Woman-Owned Small Business 
By Brian Shafer, VP Government Solutions

Diversity promotes innovation, opens doors, and creates partnerships that fuel the economy. Woman-owned small businesses (WOSB) are one way diversity is adding value to local, national and international communities and businesses.

Here are the four reasons small and woman-owned small businesses are often the best choice for an organization's needs:

blue_arrow_icon.png Goods and services are not always the best or readily available at big firms. For example, STG’s RightFIT™ is proven to scale but relies on the personal touch of our team to find the right people, the right career, and project opportunities.

orange_arrow_icon.png We are all people - customer service may be more personalized, hands-on, and noteworthy from smaller businesses. This is a hallmark trait of our RightFIT™ staffing service.

green_arrow_icon.png Product and service diversity and options are often greater at small businesses vs. large conglomerates. 

blue_arrow_icon.png Local business owners are more likely to give back to the community. In fact, 90% of Americans say they're more likely to trust and stay loyal to companies that actively try to make a difference in the local community and operate in a way that protects and benefits society. (2017 Cone Communications Study)


In New Hampshire, home to STG’s founders and our headquarters, there are 132,432 small businesses in operation which make up 99% of all the businesses. About 51% of all employees in New Hampshire are working for a small business. Much of the US has similar statistics with Small Business often leading the way in job and overall economic growth.

As a certified-WOSB, Spencer Thomas Group takes pride in our community, consistently gives back and strives to improve the local community and through our worldwide employees and partners.

The Small Business Association WOSB Federal Contract Program provides greater access to federal contracting opportunities for WOSBs. The Program allows contracting officers to set aside specific contracts for certified WOSBs and will help federal agencies achieve the existing statutory goal of five percent of federal contracting dollars being awarded to WOSBs. This will also serve to provide the value only found in small businesses (as outlined above) therefore providing the Government with the value and advantage from diversity.

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