Putting people back in the People-Business [3 Strategies to Use Now]

When I was asked to expand on the last recruiting blog we published, ..

ServiceNow + Governance = Customer Success [6 Key Factors]

The last of a four-part blog series from Knowledge 18. Part Four: Governance

Meeting the Global Payroll Integration Challenge [6 Key Considerations]

Many multinational organizations are realizing a need to improve their..

Process Innovation with ServiceNow [3 Things to Remember]

For those organizations that have deployed ServiceNow®, it is clear that the..

Why You Should Care About National Payroll Week

If you work in the HCM space, you may be familiar with National Payroll Week..

4 Reasons Payroll is Complex [and How to Simplify it]

When we ask the payroll team “What makes payroll complex?”, the answer is..

Organizational Change Management and Customer Success with ServiceNow [and How to Get There]

“We make the world of work, work better for people.” – John Donahoe, CEO,..

The 4-C’s of a Global Payroll Transformation Journey [Why a Third-Party Advisor is a Must]

If you have ever purchased a diamond you know the 4-C’s are very important..

3 Keys to Customer Success with  ServiceNow

Refreshing and spot-on!  These are two thoughts I had while listening to the..

Recruit the Relationship, Not the Role [3 Easy Steps]

It was the first lesson I learned on the first day of my recruiting career,..

GDPR: 6 Legal Grounds for Processing Personal Data

There are six legal grounds for processing personal data under the General..

Top 3 Take-Aways from ADP's Meeting of the Minds 2018

I’m sure there are more than three take-aways from Meeting of the Minds..

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