Putting people back in the People-Business [3 Strategies to Use Now]

When I was asked to expand on the last recruiting blog we published, ..

ServiceNow + Governance = Customer Success [6 Key Factors]

The last of a four-part blog series from Knowledge 18. Part Four: Governance

Meeting the Global Payroll Integration Challenge [6 Key Considerations]

Many multinational organizations are realizing a need to improve their..

Process Innovation with ServiceNow [3 Things to Remember]

For those organizations that have deployed ServiceNow®, it is clear that the..

Why You Should Care About National Payroll Week

If you work in the HCM space, you may be familiar with National Payroll Week..

4 Reasons Payroll is Complex [and How to Simplify it]

When we ask the payroll team “What makes payroll complex?”, the answer is..

Organizational Change Management and Customer Success with ServiceNow [and How to Get There]

“We make the world of work, work better for people.” – John Donahoe, CEO,..

The 4-C’s of a Global Payroll Transformation Journey [Why a Third-Party Advisor is a Must]

If you have ever purchased a diamond you know the 4-C’s are very important..

3 Keys to Customer Success with  ServiceNow

Refreshing and spot-on!  These are two thoughts I had while listening to the..

Recruit the Relationship, Not the Role [3 Easy Steps]

It was the first lesson I learned on the first day of my recruiting career,..

GDPR: 6 Legal Grounds for Processing Personal Data

There are six legal grounds for processing personal data under the General..

Top 3 Take-Aways from ADP's Meeting of the Minds 2018

I’m sure there are more than three take-aways from Meeting of the Minds..

Focus on India: Year-end Activities [4 Key Items to Validate with Every Employee]

Every country around the globe has specific procedures for payroll year-end..

Why Now is the Perfect Time for Global Payroll

In a meeting room of a major blue chip multinational company, the CHRO..

Project Management: The Importance of Soft Skills Part 3

This is the final part of a 3-part series addressing Project Management soft..

What is a W-2c? Part 1

It’s every payroll manager’s worst nightmare after year end - having to..

HCM Journey Stage 4: "Live It"

This is the last blog in our four-part Human Capital Management (HCM) blog..

RROP - The Hidden Part of Employee Overtime Payment. Is Your Company Compliant?

INTRODUCTION I’ve spent the better part of a 20-year career developing,..

HCM Journey Stage 3: "Do It"

This is a continuation of our four-part Human Capital Management (HCM) blog..

7 Tips for a Successful Payroll Year-End

The crisp air and changing foliage reminds us all that fall is here. Time..

Global Employment Outsourcing: A Compelling Human Capital Management Option

We pride ourselves on sharing informative and engaging content each month..

Workday and Spencer Thomas Group

Offering Workday services, Spencer Thomas Group (STG) provides client side..

HCM Journey Stage 2: "Plan It"

 This is a continuation of our four-part Human Capital Management (HCM) blog..

Project Management: The Importance of Soft Skills Part 2

This Project Management Part 2 blog covers the 4 M's; Scope Management, Time 

HCM Journey Stage 1: "Pick It"

You know you need to simplify the way your company works, and the..

Project Management: The Importance of Soft Skills Part 1

This is the first of a 3-part Project Management series dealing with key..

eSocial: Ready or Not, Here It Comes!

"I'm tired of knowing that I need to prepare for eSocial, but I’ve done..

The HCM Journey - Transformation Made Simple

Where are you on your Human Capital Management (HCM) journey? How many..

STG is Your Experienced ServiceNow® Partner

Now, more than ever, strategic IT management is necessary to optimize IT’s..

The Spencer Thomas Group AdVantage

For years now, Spencer Thomas Group (STG) has had the pleasure of attending..

What To Do About Your Aging Legacy Payroll System

Let’s face it, payroll systems are not exciting. Those of us in the industry..

Spencer Thomas Group Begins Remodel of a 100-year-old Landmark

Spencer Thomas Group has begun construction for a major renovation to its..

Spencer Thomas Group’s RightFIT™ Strategy

The Right People for Every Phase of Your ProjectOur insightful and dynamic..

Key Takeaways: Meeting of the Minds 2017

    Meeting of the Minds 2017- A Valuable, Educational and Engaging..

Focus On: Brazil Is Definitely Not For Beginners

The largest South American country has this adage: “Brazil is not for..

The Spencer Thomas Group Global HCM Practice

Spencer Thomas Group (STG) is an experienced HCM advisor, providing clients..

The Talent Shortage

The marketing terms fly at us quickly and consistently: Flex-Economy,..

Looking Back, Moving Forward '17

January again…that time of year when so many of us reflect on the past year..

Focus on India: Payroll Compliance [10 Key Insights]

Economic growth has been on the rise in India. Since the reforms back in mid..

Focus On Argentina's Income Tax Situation: When a Salary Increase is Not Good News

The Employee Perspective Most employees anticipate the coming of a pay raise..

Spencer Thomas Group’s Organizational Change Management (OCM)

In order to respond to or meet constant industry, marketplace and regulatory..

Spencer Thomas Group’s Epic Consulting Services

The Right People for Every Phase of Your Project The success of any Epic..

Spencer Thomas Group’s Time and Attendance Optimization Service

Recent studies have found that implementing a Time and Attendance workforce..

Focus on China: Payroll is a Relatively New Concept

As the Chinese government continues to open its doors to foreign business,..

Focus on: Organizational Change Management (OCM)

To be successful in a constantly evolving global marketplace, organizations..

Preparing Your Organization for HR Transformation [5 Steps to Success]

In the beginning, “HR transformation” was essentially a movement, driven by..

Focus On UK: The Brexit Effect on Global Payroll [6 Things You Can Expect]

Now that the dust has settled on the June referendum on Britain’s membership..

STG's Knowledge16 Key Insights

ServiceNow®’s annual Knowledge 16 conference in May provided an excellent..

Global Payroll and OCM Integration for Go-Live Success and Beyond

As the global economy continues to expand, many companies have grown..

STG + ServiceNow® = a Better Healthcare Environment

With the countless strains put upon healthcare IT infrastructures these..

STG and the ServiceNow® Human Resources/HCM Solution

STG serves all aspects of the enterprise Service Management spectrum, with a..

Maximize Your ServiceNow® Investment with STG

Now, more than ever, strategic IT management is necessary to optimize IT’s..

Focus On Mexico: New Payroll Tax Reporting Requirements Challenge Employers [3 Examples]

Over the past 12 – 18 months, the Mexican government has raised the stakes..

How Change Management Accelerates Your Project [8 Ways]

“All that sounds great, but we need to get things done.” This was said to..

Navigating Global Payroll in Latin America [4 Regional Challenges]

When a company requires payroll services across borders in Latin..

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