Wellmont and Spencer Thomas Team Up to Present at Epic’s User Group Meeting Conference

By Pamela Kelley, Business Intelligence Specialist and Spencer Thomas Group Consultant
Wellmont and Spencer Thomas Team Up to Present at Epic’s User Group Meeting Conference


Wellmont Health System, located in NW Tennessee and SW Virginia, has been on Epic, electronic medical record software, since April of 2014. Epic recently held their annual User Group Meeting (UGM) in Madison, Wisconsin.  Pamela Kelley, Business Intelligence Specialist and Spencer Thomas Group (STG) Consultant, was selected to give two presentations at UGM, themed World of Wizards.  Sue Lindenbusch, Wellmont System V.P., was  co-presenter for “VERISTASERUM: The Oncology Care Model and Our Quest for the Perfect Potion” and  Brian Hobson, Chief Operating Officer, Bristol Regional Medical Center, was co-presenter for “ABRACADBRA: Spells for Interactive Analysis”.

patient experience.pngIn late March 2016 Wellmont was notified of their inclusion in the CMS Oncology Care Model (OCM) program.  Although significant advances have been made in cancer care; our aging population, the cost of medications, increasingly complex care protocols, and a looming provider shortage are heading cancer care into the perfect storm.  OCM participants are expected to implement care initiatives that improve the patient experience and enhance services while reducing costs.


a.pngSTG has had consultants working closely with Wellmont’s Oncology leadership from the outset.  The OCM presentation reviewed the analytics tools that were developed over the last year starting with the challenge of identifying the OCM patient population.  The eligibility criteria for patients to be included in OCM is multi-layered and complex, but Theja, Sr. Spencer Thomas Group Epic Consultant, quickly developed a SQL view using the Epic Clarity database to identify the OCM patient cohort.  Pamela Kelley was then able to build an SAP Business Objects Universe that connected the view to other Clarity tables and allowed her the flexibility she needed to meet a varied and extensive volume of data questions that have come up since the projects inception.  Key points in the presentation were: how analytics tools can be used to improve data quality; how the customer doesn’t always believe the data but with persistence and creative data displays the truth will out; insights the analytics provided; where Wellmont is headed based on these insights and most importantly that Wellmont’s very successful start to this 5 year oncology project is due to the close collaboration between clinical and technical teams. 

ana.pngThe second presentation starts with a Quiddich field that shows the evolution of Epic analytics at Wellmont from Brian’s, COO perspective.  Rakesh, Sr. Spencer Thomas Group Epic Consultant, completed the first project for him, The Hospitalist Scorecard, in 2015.  The scorecard is a very sophisticated Crystal report that not only provided COO’s at the major hospitals with valuable KPI’s, but it also provided the basis for Wellmont’s measure certification process.  For Brian’s next analytics project Pamela Kelley developed a Business Objects Universe and interactive Explorer Information Spaces to drive quality improvement in orthopedic surgeries.  Brian then asked Pamela and Theja to create a scorecard aimed at reducing blood product usage across the health system.  For Brian’s most recent project, Pamela developed an interactive analytics tool in Web Intelligence. This tool was created to support the Lab Test Utilization Taskforce in their efforts to reduce lab test volumes.  The tool allows a user to select any lab test and order volume by provider, specialty, location or combination of data points. With a few clicks members of the cross-functional taskforce can determine impact of their initiatives and identify tests to educate providers about.  This tool has been so successful that similar ones are now in development for radiology tests and medication orders.

Both presentations were well received and Wellmont’s analytics accomplishments were highly praised.

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